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Cooper Hurley Client Awarded $400,000 After Heavy Valance Fell on Her Head at Hotel


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When you stay in a hotel you are entitled to believe the owners or managers will take care of you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and we sometimes hear cases of guests receiving electric shocks from badly wired appliances and children falling off dangerous balconies.

In a recent case, our client, a 55-year-old flight attendant trainee, was a guest at a hotel in Virginia Beach when a 40 pound wood valance and drapes in her room fell on her head. She said the valance was not properly secured on the wall and was poorly fixed in drywall only.

The case was reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly which noted how a liability expert hired by Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers said a routine inspection by hotel staff should have found the problem.

Our client suffered a concussion from the incident and injuries to her neck, knee and shoulder. She was treated by an orthopedic surgeon in her home town of Raleigh, NC. She required surgery to repair an injury to her anterior cruciate ligament and partial tear to her lateral meniscus.

She also required surgeries to address a partial tear of her right rotator cuff and to treat a neck injury at C5-6 as well as a permanent leg impairment.

No hotel guest should end up injured in this manner and we were happy to represent the flight attendant and to secure a $400,000 settlement after the case was filed in Virginia Beach Circuit Court. I was ably assisted in this case by Bill O’Mara, my colleague at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, and Ben Cochran, an attorney from Raleigh, NC. All cases are different and we cannot guarantee the same result in your case, although we will strive to do the utmost for you.

If you are hurt in a hotel, a store or at another business, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim. These cases can be difficult to litigate but are important because you may need every dollar you can receive to pay medical bills. Call Cooper Hurley at (757) 333 3333 or see

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