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Settlement Reached After Woman is Hit from Behind by a Big Rig on 1-64 in Hampton


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When tractor-trailers are involved in wrecks, the consequences for the victims can be very serious and ongoing. This was the case for a client who I was able to help after she was hit from behind by a big rig in a wreck in Hampton.

All cases are different and no verdict or settlement is a predictor of another, but we were happy to negotiate a $175,000 settlement for this young woman from Yorktown.

She was the passenger in a car that was struck from behind by a truck on Interstate 64 in Hampton near the Hampton Roads Parkway. The case was reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

The impact sent the car into a central barrier and spun it around. The passenger felt immediate pain to her right side, lower back and numbness in her right upper thigh, right hip and groin.

Cooper Hurley client was hit by a big rig on I-64 in Hampton

The woman was transported by ambulance to Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News for emergency care. She was admitted overnight for observation.

She underwent an MRI of her lumber spine which revealed she suffered moderate stenosis, a disk bulge, facet arthritis and disk protrusion at different levels.

Back injuries are often very painful, complicated and ongoing and it certainly proved the case with our client.

She underwent physical therapy and aquatic therapy but the treatment was discontinued because she lacked health insurance.

In the months after the crash, our client suffered ongoing back pain, leg pain, and hip pain as a result of the accident. She also suffered from psychological issues and challenges linked to the crash including depression, acute stress, anxiety, headaches and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A claim was submitted by Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers against the at-fault truck driver, who was cited for following too closely, and the out-of-state trucking company. The case was settled for $175,000.

Big rig crashes are often caused by truck driver negligence. Following too closely is a common cause of trucking wrecks.

A tractor-trailer takes more than 500 feet to stop whereas it takes a car about 310 feet. That figure can be doubled in wet weather. Rear-enders are common types of tractor trailer accidents in Virginia, particularly on busy interstates like I-64.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a big rig crash, please call our experienced Virginia trucking injury lawyers at (757) 333-3333.

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