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Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Donates to the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread misery, job losses, and increased poverty. Many people are relying on nonprofits to help them more than ever before. Organizations like the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia are increasingly vital during these tough times.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers was happy to recently make a donation of $1,000 in late 2020 to the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia. We recognize the importance of this organization and make annual contributions to the society.

What is the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia?

The Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia has given low-income people free legal services ever since the nonprofit was set up in 1966. People living in poverty often struggle to afford legal services and are more vulnerable to exploitation from landlords and others in the community. They often do not know where to turn if they suffer from domestic abuse or other family turmoil.

The Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia has offices in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Williamsburg and Belle Haven. Even before the pandemic, it was facing increased demand for its services with funding that was cut significantly, making it more difficult to help those who needed it.

“We desperately need the help of the community,” executive director Ray Hartz said when he previously received a check from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers’ partner Jim Hurley in 2017. “We had our funding cut by over a third a few years ago during the years of the recession. While we have had some increases, we are nowhere near where we were five or 10 years ago. We have relied on the community to keep us going.”

Hartz said the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia provides free legal help in civil matters to poor people in Virginia. The society’s work includes helping the victims of domestic violence as well as people who become the victims of evictions or unfair loans. “In a variety of civil matters, we provide free lawyers so as people are treated fairly in the courts here in Virginia,” Hartz said.

During the pandemic, more and more people found themselves unemployed and unable to afford legal services as they struggle to put food on the table for their families. Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers is acutely aware of the vital nature of the work carried out by the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia.

Some of our attorneys have previously worked for the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia and they came face-to-face with the challenges many people face in getting affordable access to legal services.

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