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Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Obtains $7 Million Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim Facing Life-Altering Injuries

NORFOLK, VA —October 4, 2023: Life can change in a split second. For our 40-year-old client, a motorcycle ride through an intersection turned into a fight for his life when another driver made a risky left turn and hit him. This wasn’t just a fender-bender, however. Our client’s left foot got caught in the wheel of his bike, leading to a severe injury that required amputation.

Right after the crash, some quick-thinking bystanders used a makeshift tourniquet to help. Once the paramedics arrived, it was clear that our client’s foot couldn’t be saved, and the doctors had to amputate below the knee. He also had a badly broken thigh bone.

Thankfully, our client is a fighter. After spending nine days in the hospital and then moving to a rehab center, he’s been working hard on adjusting to life with a prosthetic leg. But his health journey is far from over. He’ll need specialized care and more treatments down the road.

Throughout his case, we left no stone unturned to seek justice for our client. We found an eyewitness who confirmed he was riding safely and within the speed limit. We consulted medical experts and even did focus group studies to build a strong case.

To make sure we covered all future medical needs, we enlisted a specialist to create a life care plan. This plan outlines all the medical care our client will need for the rest of his life, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Despite an intense round of mediation earlier this year, we couldn’t come to an agreement. However, a $7 million settlement was reached just a month before going to trial.

This settlement stands as a testament to the resilience of our client and the diligence of his legal team. Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers is proud to have been a part of securing this essential justice and congratulates Griffin O’Hanlon and John Baker, who were the lead attorneys on this remarkable case.

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