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Medical Treatment in a Norfolk Spinal Cord Injury Case

Depending on the severity of a spinal cord injury, a victim’s life could be drastically different immediately after suffering this type of harm. There are two different types of spinal cord injuries that one can suffer. They can be either be complete or incomplete.

Complete spinal cord injuries result in total loss of function below the level of injury. For example, if someone suffers a complete spinal cord injury to the cervical spine located in the neck, this person could lose function of everything below the neck.

A complete spinal cord injury could forever alter someone’s life certainly in a negative way. These are some of the most serious injuries that we encounter as lawyers. The medical treatment that a person may receive following a Norfolk spinal cord injury case will vary depending on the severity of the harm they suffered. Our attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help someone fight for the compensation they need to pay for all of their losses and expenses.

What Might the Long-Term Medical Treatment Options Involve?

In Norfolk, the long-term medical treatment options for spinal cord injuries depend on the type of spinal cord injury suffered. If someone suffered a complete spinal cord injury, it is unlikely that they will regain use of those parts of their body ever again. For that reason, care is not generally rehabilitative but more about maintaining the comfort that one has. These individuals may have to go through occupational training to learn how to live a wholly different life than they did before.

Therefore, with complete spinal injuries, care might look different than an incomplete injury. With an incomplete spinal cord injury, rehabilitative measures will be undertaken. It is difficult to assess what sort of progress one will make or what sort of use someone will regain or have with the affected areas of their body after the injury. However, intensive physical and occupational therapy will involve strength training and learning how to reuse these parts of their body would be a long-term medical goal.

Medical Treatment Expenses

The medical treatment expenses associated with spinal cord injury cases in Norfolk are monumental, and without proper health insurance, they would be unobtainable for almost anyone.

The physical and occupational therapy, and neurological exams over many years can add up. For that reason, it is vital for someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury to discuss their case with an experienced Norfolk injury lawyer who knows how to present losses and seek recovery for those damages so that the burden does not fall on the client or her family if her health insurance is insufficient.

How Can the Treatment Someone Needs Affect Family Members?

A spinal cord injury does not just affect the injured person. It affects everyone who is involved in their loved one’s daily life, especially their family. If someone has suffered paraplegia or quadriplegia, they are going to require assistance with several activities of daily living. All of the things we take for granted on a daily basis now become chores for the injured person. Frequently, it is the family members who are now assisting and taking on additional burdens.

A family member who is helping a spinal cord injury patient with daily living tasks or who is incurring expenses as a result of a hurt family member is not entitled to any sort of damages. Those damages need to be sought as part of the injured person’s case. However, most of the time, these expenses would normally just be those of the injured person anyway. Damages for expenses associated with medical treatment, such as a wheelchair or home modifications, are all damages which the injured party’s attorney can obtain in a spinal cord injury case. Then, hopefully, this financial burden will not fall on the family members because there is a pool of money that has been collected to pay for those ongoing needs.

Contact a Norfolk Attorney to Learn More About Medical Treatment in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Medical treatment in Norfolk spinal cord injury cases can be extremely expensive and long-lasting. As such it is important to ensure you are compensated appropriately. Our attorneys can help you seek proper compensation in court if you suffered serious spinal damage.

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Medical Treatment in a Norfolk Spinal Cord Injury Case
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
To learn more about the medical treatment that goes into a spinal cord injury case, speak with an attorney in Norfolk.
Medical Treatment in a Norfolk Spinal Cord Injury Case Medical Treatment in a Norfolk Spinal Cord Injury Case