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Motorcycle Safety and Preventative Measures in Norfolk, VA

Motorcycles are often viewed as economical forms of transportation. However, the vehicle is extremely limited in the level of safety it offers riders. To prevent collisions, a person may want to consider learning about motorcycle safety and preventative measures in Norfolk. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer could help a person understand the legal and proper way of operating a motorcycle in Norfolk. Failing to adhere to certain safety measures can leave individuals vulnerable to severe injuries and damages. If you would like to expand your knowledge of motorcycle safety or schedule a consultation on other motorcycle related legal matters, contact us at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

Identifying Ways to Stay Safe on the Roadway

To prevent motorcycle accidents, some safety measures a person can take is to wear bright clothes during the day, such as orange and yellow, and reflective clothing at night. They should also use their turn signals to alert other vehicles that they are turning. Another important step for a motorcyclist to take may include avoiding blind spots of trucks and cars. This could help substantially reduce the risk of another vehicle merging into them or cutting them off on the road. Furthermore, an individual may want to maintain a safe distance between their motorcycle and other vehicles. Traffic can stop abruptly or change patterns quickly and traveling too closely could cause collisions that produce catastrophic injuries. A person who is interested in learning more a motorcycle safety and preventative measures in Norfolk should set up a time to speak with a credible motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcyclist Responsibility

Prior to driving a motorcycle, one of the most important things to check may be the vehicle’s condition. A pre-trip inspection could significantly improve both the quality of a person’s transportation experience and their safety. This may include checking:

  • Tire pressure
  • Fluid levels
  • Gas or oil leaks
  • Headlight and brake light function
  • Clutch and throttle operation

Another step a person may want to consider when attempting to maximize motorcycle safety and preventative measures in Norfolk could involve operating in the far right-hand lane and avoid weaving in between lanes. These precautions may substantially decrease a person’s risk of experiencing an accident.

Wearing Protective Gear and Clothing on Rides

Furthermore, a driver of a motorcycle may want to make sure they are wearing the appropriate protective helmet and clothing. Depending on the weather conditions, a person should take precautions and equip themselves with appropriate rain gear in case there is a storm. A person may also benefit from wearing some type of safety glasses or goggles to increase their vision on the roadway.

Speak with a Diligent Attorney About Preventative Measures and Motorcycle Safety in Norfolk

There are many different methods a person who rides a motorcycle could use to stay safe on the roadway. If you suffered a severe accident on a motorcycle or simply would like to learn more about motorcycle safety and preventative measures in Norfolk, contact a reliable motorcycle attorney. They could listen to your concerns and help you meet your legal goals. Call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to set up a time to speak with a qualified legal representative.

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