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Car Accident Cases Involving Pregnant Women in Hampton

While anyone can sustain serious injuries from a car accident depending on the circumstances, pregnant women are at especially high risk of sustaining life-altering trauma. Even if they themselves do not experience any substantial physical injuries, the impact of a serious wreck on their unborn child could potentially be catastrophic, necessitating additional medical care and possibly leading to premature birth or miscarriage.

Comprehensive financial recovery from the at-fault party for a crash like this can be essential for pregnant women or their families. Without a knowledgeable car accident attorney’s support, achieving positive results from car accident cases involving pregnant women in Hampton can be difficult.

Accounting for All Possible Injuries After Car Wrecks Involving Pregnant Women

From fender-benders in parking lots to high-speed collision on interstate highways, car accidents can take on many forms and  result in a variety of injuries to the people involved. Just like anyone else involved in a motor vehicle collision, pregnant women can suffer soft tissue injuries, lacerations from broken glass, broken bones, and brain, spine, or organ trauma as a result of someone else’s negligence on the road.

However, what makes car accident cases involving pregnant women in Hampton have uniquely high stakes in many situations is not necessarily the harm sustained by the mother, but rather what impact her injuries may have on her unborn baby. The immense physical trauma associated with car crashes has been linked to injuries like placental abruptions, uterine injuries, blunt force trauma directly to fetuses, and premature labor, any of which could directly threaten the life of both mother and child.

Recoverable Damages for Pregnant Women Injured in Car Crashes

Fortunately, modern medicine allows healthcare professionals to provide specialized care for pregnant women who have been involved in an auto accident, dramatically improving both mother and child’s odds of surviving their injuries and continuing their lives without any long-term effects. Unfortunately, even the best possible care cannot create ideal outcomes in every situation, and even when it can, the financial costs associated with such intensive treatment can be immense.

Because of this, recovering for the full value of both economic and non-economic damages can be essential to preserving a pregnant woman’s future prospects and those of her child as well. In a successful car accident case, a pregnant woman and/or her child in Hampton could potentially recover compensation for losses like:

  • Past and future medical expenses, including those for future rehabilitative, diagnostic, prenatal, and/or postnatal care
  • Lost work income for the pregnant mother
  • Lost future earning capacity and/or enjoyment of life, if an unborn child suffers permanent disfigurement or disability due to an accident
  • Physical and emotional trauma

A Hampton Attorney Could Help with a Car Accident Case Involving a Pregnant Woman

It is especially critical for pregnant women involved in motor vehicle accidents to seek immediate medical attention after, if for no other reason than to ensure that their unborn child is safe from serious physical harm. Any costs associated with that initial diagnosis—as well as with any future financial and personal damages—would fall on the party responsible for causing the wreck, not the expecting mother or her family.

Qualified legal representation from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could provide invaluable guidance and support throughout car accident cases involving pregnant women in Hampton. Schedule your free initial consultation today.

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