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Norfolk’s Most Dangerous Intersections are Revealed in Study

Norfolks most dangerous intersection

If you’ve ever felt vulnerable driving on busy Northampton Boulevard near Norfolk Premium Outlets, you have good reason. Accident statistics from 2021 reveal this was Norfolk’s most dangerous intersection with 30 recorded crashes.

Intersection Accident Statistics in Norfolk

The intersection of Northampton Boulevard with Wesleyan Drive saw five more wrecks than Norfolk’s second most dangerous intersection, East Little Creek Road and Chesapeake Boulevard, which was the scene of 25 accidents.

First responders attended more than 20 accidents at one other city intersection last year – the junction of Norview Avenue and Sewells Point Road which saw 21 crashes. The intersection of Tidewater Drive and Lafayette Boulevard was also hazardous in 2021; police attended 19 wrecks.

Colley Avenue and W. 26th Street and the intersection between Brambleton Avenue and Tidewater Drive both saw 17 accidents in 2021. You should also take care at E. Princess Anne Road and Tidewater Drive and Colley Avenue and W. 27th Street. First responders attended 15 wrecks at each location.

Infographic for The Top 7 Dangerous Intersections in Norfolk

The Dangers of Intersections

Intersections are inherently dangerous because different traffic flows converge. They rely on drivers following the rules. However, far too many impatient drivers run red lights or fail to notice other vehicles when making turns. T-bone accidents at intersections can cause serious injuries to motorists, even at low speeds.

The list of Norfolk’s most dangerous intersections is derived from Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle figures. DMV’s High Crash Location Map automates and centralizes accident data across the Commonwealth. The DMV’s Crash Facts report reveals 4,399 crashes occurred in Norfolk in 2021, with 28 fatalities and 2,253 injuries. The city recorded the second-highest crash figure in Hampton Roads after Virginia Beach.

Norfolk saw the fifth-highest number of road deaths in the state after Fairfax, Henrico, Virginia Beach, and Prince William County.

Drunk driving is a significant problem in Norfolk. The city recorded 223 crashes caused by intoxication, 13 deaths, and 132 injuries last year. Excess speed caused 1,122 wrecks, 12 deaths, and 556 injuries. Nine of the 28 people who died in Norfolk were not wearing seatbelts.

Deadly Crashes in Norfolk

Overall, road deaths spiked in Virginia in 2021, rising by 14.2% to 968. Deaths in car, truck, bus, and motorcycle wrecks are rising across the United States.

The recent rise in pedestrian deaths in Norfolk has also alarmed civic leaders. The Virginian-Pilot recently reported on how eight people lost their lives in Norfolk this year as of the start of June 2022.

Norfolk City Council signed up for the “Vision Zero” initiative three years ago to reduce the number of pedestrian traffic deaths to zero.  The initiative includes more prominent crosswalks and lower speeds in some neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many drivers are failing to pay attention. The Pilot notes the city recorded nine pedestrian deaths in 2021 and is on course to exceed its all-time record this year.

The eight pedestrians who have lost their lives to drivers in Norfolk this year is more than the rest of the cities in Hampton Roads combined, according to DMV figures. It’s unclear why pedestrian deaths are running so high in Norfolk. Busy, urban roads like Tidewater Drive and Chesapeake Boulevard are notoriously hazardous for walkers. But similar fast, urban highways are found in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, and Newport News.

Melissa Seek, the chair of Norfolk’s bicycle and pedestrian trails commission, has called for more funding to make “Vision Zero” a success in the City of Norfolk.

Representing Victims of Dangerous Intersection Accidents

Seek warns drivers are more aggressive than she has ever known and walkers and cyclists are paying the price. It’s an alarming trend that’s been reflected in national figures since the pandemic. As experienced Norfolk car accident attorneys, we are seeing more clients who have sustained appalling injuries due to the actions of reckless and negligent drivers who are often drunk or speeding. In some cases, the victims never make it home. We believe in holding aggressive, negligent, drunk, and distracted drivers responsible for their actions.

Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians deserve safe roads. They should be able to cross intersections without fearing they will be struck and injured by a red light runner. If you or a family member has been hit and hurt in a crash in Norfolk or elsewhere in Virginia, please contact us.

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