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Active-Duty Military And Veterans Auto Accident Cases Are Different Than Civilian Cases

I’ve practiced for over two decades in the Hampton Roads community and have represented many folks who are in the Navy, the Army, or the Marines.  Additionally with all of the military personnel in our area I’ve represented many family members and dependents who’ve been hurt in car accidents.

There are various aspects of a car accident case involving a military person which may be different including some of the following:

  • Although military care is free the government has to be paid back out of any injury case using a statement of value which will be produced to reflect the cost of the military care at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, the Booten Clinic or other facilities.
  • The issue of reimbursement to Tri-Care also applies in many cases and the government does have to be paid back for the money they paid out for the medical bills associated with any car accident if a claim is made.
  • An active-duty military person’s readiness for their mission can often be affected by personal injury and careers can also be adversely affected so that the personal injury attorney has to get and present full information to the insurance company for the at‑fault driver to reflect what adverse affects on the person’s service have come from the collision.
  • Often members of the Armed Forces are being re‑stationed and deployed away from the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. To win a case, an attorney has to be ready to accommodate the military person and make it easy for the lawyer and the client to stay in touch even if the military person gets re-stationed halfway around the world in a time zone far different from the East Coast.

The kinds of issues come up in military personnel’s cases and those of family’s are well known to me.  When you’re choosing a personal injury attorney for your husband, wife, son, daughter or yourself be sure to choose an experienced Hampton Roads personal injury lawyer with the knowledge about how to present personal injury claims on behalf of folks in the military and Veterans.

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