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What to Do After a Virginia Beach Truck Accident

The aftermath of a truck accident can be incredibly stressful to drivers or passengers. Not only may you or a loved one be dealing with devastating personal injuries, but the experience of colliding with a commercial vehicle means a fight against powerful insurance and trucking companies to recover damages for those injuries.

Trucking companies know the stakes are high and they may face big pay-outs if their drivers caused a wreck. Typically, they send their own insurance agents and lawyers immediately to the scene of a truck accident to protect their financial interests. These representatives may conceal evidence, be underhanded or pressure you to provide a statement. What you do in the moments following a truck accident is pivotal to your chances of gaining compensation. In the aftermath of a big rig accident, you need to recover the most you can for very serious injuries. You can count on the advice our Virginia Beach truck accident lawyers can provide to get you through such an accident.

Steps To Take After a Truck Accident

At the scene of a trucking accident, you should always:

  • Call 911 — Everyone involved in the accident should be examined by a medical professional if there is any chance they are hurt. The police will need to write up a report. When they ask you for details, describe the accident, especially what the other driver did wrong.
  • Take Pictures— Photos or video of the accident will be valuable evidence if you decide to file a personal injury case. Be sure to include your own injuries (if they are obvious), all vehicle damage, road conditions, and environmental factors that may have contributed to the accident. Look for evidence that may show a trucker was to blame like the position of the truck on the highway after the crash. Photograph any visible defects on the truck.
  • Collect Contact Information— Get the name, address, insurance information, and license information from every driver involved in the accident as well as the contact information of any witnesses at the scene. If you were not too seriously injured and a witness is willing, take a short smartphone video of their statement.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company — Your insurance company may send an adjuster to the scene.

What Not To Do if You Were in a Truck Accident

  • Do not, under any circumstances, give a recorded statement to the trucking company or its insurers after a vehicle accident. This may compromise your ability to collect compensation in a personal injury claim.
  • Do not admit any blame to insurers or police investigators. Restrict your information to the factual details of the crash. Do not speculate.
  • Do not talk down your injuries. Statements such as saying you are OK at the accident scene could harm your case later. They may also be inaccurate. Often symptoms do not become apparent until hours or even days after a trucking wreck.
  • There may be various factors you’re not even aware of that contributed to the accident, such as a defective truck part or maintenance violations. Our experienced Norfolk Virginia truck accident lawyers can examine each of these factors during a thorough investigation of your accident. We know state and federal trucking laws and how they apply to your situation.

Immediately Following Your Truck Accident

As soon as you are able to leave the scene of the accident, you should:

  • See Your Own Doctor— Many serious personal injuries can be missed by EMTs. Even the emergency room doctors may miss a slower-developing injury, such as a moderate brain injury. You need to be fully examined by your healthcare provider who knows your health issues to understand the full extent of your injuries.
  • Contact an Attorney— Truck accident cases often involve multiple parties and representatives, making them complex cases. You should have an experienced truck accident lawyer with experience of trucking litigation in numerous states if you hope to recover the full measure of compensation you are entitled to.

After a truck accident, you are likely to have many questions. We invite you to learn more on our truck FAQs page, where you will find answers to common questions.  And then call us for a free consultation about your specific case.

Contacting An Experienced Attorney

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, please contact us today by calling to schedule a free case evaluation with Jim Hurley, John Cooper, Bill O’Mara or Griff O’Hanlon.  We can help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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What to Do After a Virginia Beach Truck Accident
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Following a truck accident in Virginia Beach, here are the immediate steps you should take according to an expeirenced truck accident attorney.
What to Do After a Virginia Beach Truck Accident What to Do After a Virginia Beach Truck Accident