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JUUL and similar makers of e-cigarettes have marketed their product as safe alternatives to traditional tobacco products. While e-cigarettes and vaping can provide a means for people to consume nicotine without many of the toxic substances contained in cigarettes, the true health impact of these items is not yet known. The government and health professionals are only now coming to grips with the effects of vaping on the lungs of users.

Making matters worse, many JUUL packets contain fruity or sweet flavors that may attract a younger customer base. Many public health services and parents’ groups accuse e-cigarette makers of intentionally making and marketing these products to kids. Nicotine is a dangerous substance and smoking e-cigarettes could lead underage consumers to transition into traditional tobacco products.

A Virginia Beach e-cigarette lawyer could help you if you or your child has suffered injuries due to JUUL use. An experienced lawyer can explain your legal rights, valuate the damages, and work to hold these companies liable.

Risks and Injuries Associated with E-Cigarettes

Medical science has not yet reached a conclusion as to the pros and cons of using e-cigarettes or other vaping products. The Harvard Medical School has published information about how vaping may serve as a way for people who already have a nicotine addiction to quit more harmful cigarettes. However, the study does not recommend that non-smokers take up vaping as a safe alternative to traditional smoking.

In addition, the university authors are especially concerned with the effects nicotine use can have on children. Nicotine is connected to impaired brain development and can be a gateway drug to more harmful substances. Brain development is not complete until early or mid-20s in most young folks. Despite this, JUUL and other e-cigarette makers create their products in a way that attract children. A Virginia Beach e-cigarette lawyer could help evaluate the effects that e-cigarettes have had on the health of your child.

Pursing Claims in a Mass Tort in Virginia Beach

The widespread use of JUULs and other vaping products resulted in injuries in Virginia Beach and throughout the country. Because of the large number of people who have suffered losses due to the unsafe nature of these products, it may be possible for plaintiffs to join their cases into what is known as a mass tort.

A mass tort is a special kind of lawsuit. According to Fed. R. Civ. P. 23, plaintiffs who share a common complaint against a defendant that arises out of a common set of facts can join together. As applied to e-cigarettes, these mass torts can allege the makers marketed a product as safe while knowing otherwise. A class action suit or multi-court grouping of similar cases may also allege that manufacturers intentionally marketed a product to children.

An e-cigarette lawyer in Virginia Beach could help determine whether your claim may qualify you to join a mass tort. This carries several advantages that include:

  • Joining resources to file in a collective lawsuit
  • Sharing evidence and expert reports
  • Having a few representative trials where not every plaintiff needs to appear in court

Pursuing a claim as a mass tort is an option that can bring more legal resources to fight against large corporate defendants and pharmaceutical companies and increase your chances for success. Reach out to an accomplished attorney to begin your claim.

A Virginia Beach E-Cigarette Attorney Could Help

The makers of e-cigarettes may have misled the public as to the effect that their products can have on your health. Furthermore, they may have intentionally marketed their products to children through the uses of flavoring and attractive packaging. This can lead to severe injuries that affect thousands of people nationwide.

A Virginia Beach e-cigarettes lawyer could help you pursue claims against JUUL and other e-cigarette makers. In some instances, we may be able to join your case with other similar plaintiffs into mass tort litigation to balance the power in court. These claims can bring significant compensation to cover for a potential lifetime of necessary medical costs and the loss of quality life. Contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers for a free consultation today to learn more.

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Virginia Beach E-Cigarette Lawyer Virginia Beach E-Cigarette Lawyer