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Retaining a Virginia Beach Premises Liability Attorney

If you are involved in a premises liability case, you should consult with an experienced attorney immediately. Whether the business is a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or grocery store, retaining a Virginia Beach premises liability attorney is crucial because these cases could be difficult to prove, and the law in many regards is favorable to the establishment. When you hire Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to help with your case, you can be assured that your case is in capable hands as we have many years of experience successfully handling premises liability cases.

Helping Gather Evidence Promptly

A prompt investigation is critical in these cases. Unlike a traffic accident, the police do not show and produce a detailed report for these incidents to help document what happened. It is far too common that video of the fall or injury is inadvertently destroyed within a few hours or days of the incident. Acting promptly by retaining a lawyer in Virginia Beach is important to preserving evidence in a premises liability case.

Fighting Contributory Negligence Claims

In many premises liability cases, the defense has an opportunity to argue that the injured person could have done more to protect his or her own safety. If the defendant are successful in persuading a judge or a jury that the injured party is at least one percent at fault for the incident, this bars recovery under the contributory negligence theory.  It is important to retain a local attorney who is skilled and experienced at handling premises liability cases because they present some unique issues compared to other injury cases.

The Initial Meeting with an Attorney

In an initial meeting with a premises liability attorney in Virginia Beach, a person should expect that to answer any questions about the incident. Our team may ask if the injured party reported the incident, if the incident report was recorded, if he or she has since been in touch with any insurance companies, and if so, did he or she provide a statement.

Our team would also want to know what evidence the injured person has, including eyewitness names, photographs, or statements made by any employees or witnesses. A prompt investigation would have to be conducted and an attorney would want to know if there is equipment or special features of the site that need to be inspected. Finally, an attorney may ask about the injuries, the treatment status, and the prognosis.

What to Expect When Retaining a Virginia Beach Attorney for a Premises Liability Case

As a result of retaining a premises liability attorney in Virginia Beach, you should expect to meet with us, answer our questions, and receive reassurance. Our team could do a prompt investigation of anything that is relevant to the case. We could contact the other parties and request the evidence be preserved and to request access to that evidence. We could review conversations with the insurance company to try to get to the bottom of at least their version of the events. A lawyer from our firm can also monitor your treatment and recovery of your case.

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Retaining a Virginia Beach Premises Liability Attorney
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Retaining a Virginia Beach premises liability attorney is crucial after sustaining an injury on another person's property.
Retaining a Virginia Beach Premises Liability Attorney Retaining a Virginia Beach Premises Liability Attorney