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What to Know About Premises Liability Cases in Virginia Beach

There are three important things someone should know about premises liability cases in Virginia Beach. The first is the importance of reporting the incident and insisting in writing that the business preserve relevant evidence. Second, a thorough investigation needs to be conducted immediately before evidence is lost or destroyed, or the incident site is altered. Lastly, an injured person should get necessary medical attention promptly after suffering a serious injury at a business. An attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help someone who has been injured on another person’s property by preparing her for the legal process.

Misconceptions About Premises Liability Cases to Know

A common misconception about Virginia Beach premises liability cases is that if someone is hurt while at a business, the business is automatically legally responsible to pay for any damages incurred. The mere fact that someone gets hurt on commercial property does not necessarily expose that business up to responsibility or legal liability. A claimant must prove that the business acted with negligence under the existing circumstances to hold the business legally responsible for any resulting damages.

Additionally, the injured person must prove that the business knew or should have known about the hazard that caused the injury. If they do not have evidence of this fact, then the defendant cannot be legally liable.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

A person in Virginia Beach should avoid discussing his premises liability case as doing so puts the case at risk. It is advisable to only discuss the injury case with legal counsel. Conversations with lawyers are confidential. However, any conversations an injured person has with others could be used as evidence in court. This could create difficulties with the case if the person recapping the conversation does so inaccurately. This could also create inconsistencies in the case. An injured person should also avoid discussing the incident on social media platforms because businesses, insurance companies, and defense lawyers could research an injured person on social media to see if they discussed the incident and created any weaknesses in the case as a result.

What to Know About Helping Your Virginia Beach Attorney with a Premises Liability Case

What a client can do to best aid his attorney is to listen to his doctors and receive prompt medical attention. This is the best way to heal, and it also helps document the extent and duration of the injuries. If a claimant does not listen to his doctors, it creates an opportunity for the other side to argue that the injured party did not mitigate his damage or minimize their injuries, and therefore, should not be liable for them.

Another way a client can help his lawyer is to help jumpstart the investigation by giving the attorney all the information he has with regard to the incident, including all photographs, witness names, and phone numbers. There are various things a person should know about premises liability cases in Virginia Beach before pursuing one. To learn more about what you should know, call today.

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