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What Makes Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases Unique

There are several factors that make Virginia Beach catastrophic injury cases unique. The main area where catastrophic injury cases are unique from other injury cases are the damages that may be awarded. Often, these damages need to compensate a person for an injury that could last a lifetime, which means they can be a lot higher than other injury cases.

Due to these differences, it is critical to work with a qualified catastrophic injury lawyer who has the experience and resources necessary to handle these cases. The attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers understand the complexities of these cases and can use that knowledge to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Unique Areas of Catastrophic Injury Cases

There are three areas in which catastrophic injury cases are unique from other claims. These three areas are:

  • Liability
  • Damages
  • Insurance

Liability refers to when the at-fault party who is responsible for the injury to the person is negligent and did something wrong that caused the injury. Damages can be based on bodily injuries, physical pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, medical expenses, and loss of current and future wages and often are much higher in catastrophic injury claims.

The third element is the insurance coverage of the liable party and the injured individual’s personal insurance coverage. This could be a major problem in a catastrophic injury case. An individual could be rendered paraplegic by a car wreck and the responsible party may not have enough insurance to cover the injuries. In these situations, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney who can identify all of the applicable insurance such as underinsured motorist coverage is necessary.

Damages in Virginia Beach Cases

A catastrophic injury case in Virginia Beach may involve large economic damages for the injured person and their family. There are two main areas of economic damages in a catastrophic injury case in Virginia, lost wages and medical expenses.

When an injured person requires a lifetime of future medical care to treat a catastrophic injury and modify their home and vehicle, a life care planner may be hired to determine the cost of this treatment. The life care planner is an expert, either a nurse or doctor, who specializes in projecting the annual and lifetime costs of the future medical services and other adaptive services necessary to give the person the best chance of leading as normal a life as possible after the catastrophic injury. This often includes millions of dollars of future and past economic losses. For example, if someone has a severe traumatic brain injury, they might need to have around-the-clock, skilled care.

Another element of damages in a catastrophic injury case is the loss of future income. When the catastrophically injured person had a good job they are no longer able to do, that also can result in large economic losses. When this is the case, an expert can help calculate how much a person may have earned throughout their lifetime.

In addition, other damages can include pain and suffering, humiliation, inconvenience, and loss of quality-of-life. Those damages are established by talking to the person’s family, friends, and co-workers to show what the individual was able to enjoy before they were injured. A Virginia Beach catastrophic injury lawyer can demonstrate how the injured party’s life changed forever as a result of the accident to argue to the maximum amount of compensation.

An Attorney Can Help Navigate the Unique Aspects of Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases

Any catastrophic injury case in Virginia Beach requires a trustworthy attorney. You should look for an attorney who is caring, knowledgeable, and who has the experience and resources necessary to bring a successful claim. The level of expertise and trustworthiness is more important when the stakes are higher when dealing with the unique factors of a catastrophic injury case in Virginia Beach. Call today for a free consultation to learn how the dedicated attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can help you.

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