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Collecting Evidence for Virginia Beach Car Accident Litigation

One of the most important parts of the case process is collecting evidence for Virginia Beach car accident litigation. This evidence allows your legal team to prove how badly you were hurt and that the other party was at fault for your injuries. The sooner the experienced car accident attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can start collecting evidence, the stronger the case will be.

How Does an Attorney Gather Evidence for Car Accident Litigation?

Immediately upon filing a claim with the insurance company and well prior to filing a lawsuit, an experienced Virginia Beach car accident attorney will usually collect statements from possible witnesses and gather photographs from the scene of the accident and of all the vehicles involved. Your personal injury attorney will also begin to obtain copies of your medical records and bills, document how the injuries affected your life, and possibly retain a private investigator to conduct a more thorough investigation of the scene.

Important Evidence in a Car Crash Claim

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a lawyer will look for different types of evidence. In a motor vehicle accident, a lawyer will usually want photographs of the property damage to the vehicles involved, as well as photographs of and potentially measurements at the scene of the accident. They also will also want all photographs of scarring, bruising, or visible injuries that you sustained, witness statements, and all the information that is available from the responding police officer.

Preparation for Litigation in Virginia Beach Car Wreck Cases

The initial collection of evidence starts from the day you hire Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. Once the evidence is collected, it will be reviewed, and your attorney may decide that further investigation is needed with the help of expert witnesses. The key in collecting evidence is that, before presenting the claim to the at-fault insurance company and filing a lawsuit if needed, your lawyer is already prepared with an aggressive, persuasive, comprehensive case.

After evidence is collected and if a lawsuit is filed, an experienced Virginia Beach car accident attorney will be prepared to exchange the evidence with the at-fault driver’s lawyer in an organized, orderly, and timely fashion. A skilled car accident attorney will have the information assembled and ready to be exchanged in order to avoid delays in getting your money from the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Talk To A Lawyer About Collecting Evidence for Virginia Beach Car Accident Litigation

Being a team player is key when securing evidence for car accident injury case. Your lawyer and the legal staff are often unable to gather all the information necessary to build the case without your help. Pictures of property damage, for example, are often taken on people’s cellphones, and even though an experienced personal injury team will gather all the evidence, they need your cooperation in providing such evidence. For more information about collecting evidence for Virginia Beach car accident litigation, call us today for a free consultation.

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