Rollover Truck Accidents in VA Eastern Shore

Tractor-trailers have a high center of gravity, which makes them prone to tipping over. Rollover accidents are some of the most dangerous types of truck wrecks. When a crash like this happens on a major roadway like Lankford Highway, it can cause severe injuries and damages to anyone involved.

Because of the severity of rollover wrecks, commercial drivers are trained to avoid them. Unfortunately, a negligent driver may take a turn too sharply or fail to account for inclement weather, resulting in a crash. If you were injured rollover truck accident on the VA Eastern Shore, you should speak with one of our skilled attorneys right away. Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can fight for compensation on your behalf.

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What Causes Truck Rollover Accidents?

Tractor-trailer rollovers are typically caused by driver negligence. Some of the most common causes of rollover wrecks include:

If you believe any of these negligent acts led to your accident, you need to work with an experienced lawyer familiar with rollover truck wreck cases. We can help you build a strong case against the responsible party.

Potential Injuries Following a Collision on the Eastern Shore

Rollover accidents can lead to life-threatening injuries. Anyone involved in a wreck will likely require hospitalization and long-term medical treatment. Depending on your injuries, surgery may even be necessary. Extensive medical treatment may also lead to financial hardship for you and your family.

In severe cases, these types of catastrophic injuries could result in death. The severity of your injuries and losses can influence the value of your legal claim. A dedicated lawyer who handles tractor-trailer rollover cases on the Eastern Shore can help you recover adequate financial compensation.

Determining Liability for Truck Rollover Cases

When pursuing a truck accident lawsuit, the driver is often the primarily liable party. However, there are many other entities that may be at fault for the accident.

For example, employers are sometimes responsible for the negligent actions of their employees. If the trucker was working in the course of his employment at the time of the collision, you may be able to pursue a case against the trucking company. An employer may be additionally liable if they hired an unsafe driver, failed to train drivers, or failed to maintain the truck.

Rollover accidents are also commonly caused by negligent loading and balancing of the truck. Suppliers may overload a truck to increase profits or fail to ensure the truck’s load is balanced. Both of these negligent acts may warrant a lawsuit.

Contact a Lawyer After a Rollover Truck Wreck in VA Eastern Shore

If you or a family member suffered devastating harm in a rollover truck accident on the VA Eastern Shore, you should take legal action as soon as possible. Our team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can help prove liability and obtain the compensation you need. Contact our firm today for your free initial consultation.

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