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Portsmouth, VA Motorcycle Defects

Any motor vehicle can put its driver at risk of harm if a component or safety device fails during use, and motorcycle defects can be especially dangerous. Since motorcycles have virtually no safety features inherent to their design, a wheel coming loose or the engine malfunctioning at high speeds could result in severe and potentially life-threatening injuries.

If you were hurt in an accident caused by a defective component in your motorcycle, you may be able to file suit against the bike’s manufacturer, a third-party supplier, or the mechanic who last serviced it. A qualified attorney from Cooer Hurley Injury Lawyers could walk you through how motorcycle defects can lead to civil liability in Portsmouth during an initial consultation.

Defective Components and Designs

Generally, there are two kinds of motorcycle defects that can serve as grounds for litigation if they directly cause an accident in Portsmouth, VA. A design defect is one that involves a fundamental flaw in the motorcycle’s design or in the design of one of its components, while a manufacturing defect stems from a mistake made during the assembly of an otherwise safe motorcycle.

Various components of a motorcycle could cause a crash if they fail during a trip. For instance, a tire failure at high speeds can causes serious collisions, as even the most skilled motorcyclists would have a difficult time handling a bike under these circumstances. Other components that commonly cause injuries when they are defective include brakes, axles, and the fuel system.

In some cases, a motorcycle is simply designed poorly, making it hard to operate and therefore easier for a rider to lose control of. Finally, there may also be grounds for a civil claim if a piece of safety equipment—such as a helmet—has a design defect that leads to a rider getting hurt in a wreck.

Defects from Manufacturing or Maintenance

Sometimes, motorcycle wrecks occur not because of a specific component failing, but rather because individually functional components were not assembled—or reassembled after servicing—correctly. Even a single missing bolt or poorly done soldering job could result in a catastrophic accident if it goes unnoticed until it suddenly fails on the highway.

However, this kind of situation is a perfect example of why it can be so important to seek professional legal help before filing suit for a motorcycle defect in Portsmouth. In many cases, the only way to identify the appropriate defendant is to first identify the exact nature of the defect that led to an injured party’s accident. Even the same type of defect could lead to different civil cases depending on the circumstances.

For example, a tire defect could stem from a mistake during factory production of the tire, a design flaw in the motorcycle that led to unintended friction against the tire, or a mechanic failing to properly install the tire. In this way, not knowing exactly what happened could serve as a massive obstacle when it comes to pursuing fair compensation following a serious accident.

Call an Attorney for Help Filing Suit for a Motorcycle Defect in Portsmouth, VA

No matter what allegedly caused a motorcycle accident, any lawsuit filed in the aftermath requires a lot of evidence and research to be successful. Even if you think you know what defect caused you to crash, you may need professional help investigating the source of that defect and ensuring you seek compensation from the right party.

Our team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help with a claim based on motorcycle defects in Portsmouth, VA. Call today to learn more about how we could help you with your case.

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Portsmouth, VA Motorcycle Defects
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
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Portsmouth, VA Motorcycle Defects Portsmouth, VA Motorcycle Defects