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Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Portsmouth, VA

Any time a motorcycle rider or passenger gets involved in a traffic accident, he is susceptible to incredibly severe injuries no matter what type of safety gear he is wearing. Even if an accident occurs at low speeds, a rider could end up sliding along the ground, thrown over the handlebars, or colliding into a stationary object or oncoming traffic.

Proving negligence is essential to recovering civil compensation after a motorcycle wreck, but in order to financial recover, it is also critical to prove that you suffered at least one injury that forced you to seek professional medical treatment. There are a few common types of motorcycle accident injuries in Portsmouth, VA that you may be able to seek compensation for through civil litigation.

What are the Most Common Injuries Motorcycle Accident Victims Suffer?

Because a helmet and long-sleeved clothing are often the only protection a motorcycle rider has in the event of a crash, injuries suffered in these types of incidents tend to be especially harsh compared to other motor vehicle collisions. Even if a motorcyclist in Portsmouth is able to walk away from his accident, he are vulnerable to suffering significant bruising, road rash, and other skin lacerations that may take a while to heal.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often not able to leave accident scenes under their own power due to more serious injuries like broken bones. The legs and feet are the most vulnerable parts of the body in a motorcycle crash because of how close they are to the ground, but sprains and fractures also often occur in the arms, hands, ribs, and shoulders.

In the most serious situations, motorcycle riders may suffer permanent or fatal injuries to the spine, neck, or skull, especially if they are not wearing a helmet. Lifelong paralysis, traumatic brain damage, internal organ damage, and loss of limb are sadly not uncommon when wrecks occur at highway speeds.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention as Soon as Possible

Even if nothing seems to be broken and you are not in much immediate pain, it is crucial for anyone involved in a motorcycle accident to seek medical attention as soon as possible after leaving the scene of a wreck. In addition to medical documentation being essential to proving what damages stemmed directly from a crash, a professional diagnosis is the only way to identify extremely dangerous injuries that may not immediately present obvious symptoms.

For example, traumatic brain injuries are not always immediately apparent, and motorcyclists suffering from swelling or bleeding of the brain may feel fine in the moment or for several days after the wreck. Only by seeking treatment from a healthcare professional would he be able to determine the severity of his injuries, seek appropriate intervention, and—once their condition is stabilized—seek comprehensive compensation in civil court following a motorcycle crash in Portsmouth.

A Portsmouth, VA Attorney Could Help Seek Damages for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Compared to car accidents, motorcycle wrecks tend to cause greater number of severe injuries to those involved. Knowing some of the common types of motorcycle accident injuries in Portsmouth, VA can be helpful in streamlining the litigation process and getting you the compensation you need. Contact a dedicated attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today to discuss your situation and see if you might have grounds for a case.

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Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Portsmouth, VA
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
There are various common types of motorcycle accident injuries that someone could pursue compensation for in Portsmouth, VA.
Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Portsmouth, VA Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Portsmouth, VA