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Common Norfolk, VA Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Injuries in any capacity are painful and frustrating. Motorcycle collisions can produce extensive injuries that lead to high medical expenses. A person who has experienced such an accident should consider how common Norfolk motorcycle accident injuries may impact them and their financial situation. If you or a loved one sustained devastating injuries following a motorcycle crash, contact a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer. We could review the factors that may have contributed to the accident and work to hold a negligent party accountable. An injured individual may be eligible to receive compensation from the at-fault party and this payment could help them maintain financial security. Call us today and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal options.

Injuries Frequently Seen Following a Motorcycle Wreck

Some common Norfolk motorcycle accident injuries are broken bones, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and severe skin rash. Broken bones are a regularly-occurring pattern with motorcycle accidents. This is because when a motorcycle has a collision, the motorcyclist almost always will strike the ground, going at a relatively fast speed. When a person’s body makes contact with the ground at such high-speed, bone fractures are almost inevitable. Broken bones often require physical therapy treatment and surgery. It is important for a person who has suffered such injuries to speak with a qualified motorcycle accident attorney at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to discuss potential legal strategies that could help them receive compensation. The compensation you are given could assist you in financing your recovery without weighing down your bank accounts.

Head Injuries

Depending on whether a person was wearing a helmet during the incident, they may have varying degrees of head injuries. Some collisions may result in mild concussions, where others could produce extensive traumatic brain injuries. It is common for severe traumatic brain injuries to require months, if not years, of recovery. Frequently, traumatic brain injuries cause headaches, fatigue, and attention issues. Furthermore, a person may experience a lack of motivation, depression, and changes in their emotions and behaviors.

Road Rash

While road rash or skin rash may seem less severe than a traumatic brain injury, it could still present a person with significant obstacles in their recovery. Severe road rash could result in permanent scarring on the legs, arms, face or whatever bodily surface was exposed at the time of impact. Road rash is often quite painful and may require surgery.

Unique Aspects of a Motorcycle Collision

When a person riding a motorcycle suffers injuries during a collision, their injuries are typically far more severe than those in a car or truck accident. Cars and trucks have tough exteriors and interiors protected by airbags, however, the motorcyclist has little to zero protection. Leather clothing, gloves, and helmets can only provide a low level of protection to a motorcyclist during an accident, as a result, a person may incur catastrophic injuries that could greatly limit their quality of life. Regardless of the injury, you should meet with a lawyer who understands the extent of motorcycle accident injuries in Norfolk. The Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can advocate on your behalf and work to hold a reckless driver responsible for their actions on the roadway.

Call a Lawyer Who is Familiar with Common Norfolk Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Following a motorcycle crash, you may have sustained significant physical injuries and property damage. These damages may have placed a heavy and unexpected financial burden upon you and your family. If you have suffered such injuries, contact a lawyer who is well-versed in seeking compensation for common Norfolk motorcycle accident injuries. Call our hardworking motorcycle accident attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today and start assessing your potential legal options.

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Common Norfolk, VA Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Consult with a compassionate motorcycle accident lawyer to learn about how the common Norfolk motorcycle accident injuries may impact your case.
Common Norfolk, VA Motorcycle Accident Injuries Common Norfolk, VA Motorcycle Accident Injuries