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Norfolk VA Child Injury Lawyer

Any situation in which an adult’s negligent behavior directly leads to a child getting hurt is invariably a gut-wrenching experience for the parents or guardians of the injured child, especially if those injuries will have consequences that last for years to come. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are both one of the most common causes of childhood injuries and one of the more dangerous incidents a child can be involved in.

It can be both procedurally and emotionally difficult to take effective legal action after your child suffers harm in a car wreck, which is why retaining a qualified personal injury attorney is so crucial to protecting your family’s interests. A compassionate Norfolk, VA child injury lawyer can walk you through the options available in your unique situation and work diligently to secure a favorable final case result on your behalf.

Common Injuries to Children Involved in Car Accidents

Because of the smaller size and weight of their bodies, children are often particularly susceptible to severe physical injuries in auto accidents, whether they occur at highway speeds or in crowded traffic conditions. Trauma to the head and neck are the most common injuries that children sustain in car crashes. Other injuries that children experience include the following:

  • Lacerations from broken glass
  • Rib fractures and internal organ trauma due to tightening seatbelts and/or car seat failures
  • Blunt force trauma from airbags, if a child is seated in the front seat
  • Broken bones from bracing during an impact
  • Traumatic spinal cord damage leading to permanent paralysis
  • Emotional and psychological trauma

Even if a child does not display any obvious signs of injury after a crash, it is always best to seek a formal diagnosis from a medical professional to ensure nothing is wrong following an auto accident. If a child does suffer injuries because of another driver’s negligence, medical documentation of his or her trauma becomes crucial evidence for a Norfolk, VA attorney to incorporate into a settlement demand or lawsuit.

Recovering for Child Injury-Related Losses

Any injury to a child requiring professional medical intervention could serve as grounds for civil litigation. If successful, such a claim could allow recovery for both short-term and long-term losses stemming from the child’s injuries.

However, since young children have so much of their lives ahead of them, determining the full financial value of long-term disability or disfigurement can be a uniquely complicated endeavor. Guidance from a seasoned lawyer in Norfolk, VA is often essential to establishing the degree to which a serious injury could impact a child’s future and demanding fair financial recovery for those losses.

Talk to a Norfolk, VA Child Injury Attorney

Recovering for every way in which a traumatic accident will change a child’s life in the short term and the long term is rarely a simple or straightforward process. Various factors and forms of evidence could affect how effectively and efficiently a parent or guardian can seek recovery on his or her child’s behalf.

Working with a Norfolk, VA child injury lawyer could make all the difference in whether your case has a positive final outcome. Call today to learn more.

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Norfolk VA Child Injury Lawyer
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If your child suffered harm in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another person, speak with a Norfolk, VA child injury lawyer.
Norfolk VA Child Injury Lawyer Norfolk VA Child Injury Lawyer