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Newport News Motorcycle Defects

While operator error—either by a motorcyclist or another driver on the road—is the most common cause of motorcycle wrecks, it is by no means the only one. Sometimes, accidents occur due to mechanical problems with a motorcycle rather than irresponsibility by anyone riding it, and unfortunately, either type of incident can result in significant physical harm.

In Newport News, motorcycle defects can cause serious financial losses and injuries. As such, our team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers has prepared some tips to help you keep an eye out for problems with your vehicle, as well as what you should do to reduce your odds of getting in a crash caused by a defective motorcycle.

Common Types of Motorcycle Defects

Motorcycles are complex combination of interacting parts, and a fault in any one of those components could have catastrophic implications for riders, passengers, and other drivers and pedestrians nearby. Still, as an experienced attorney in Newport News could affirm, there are certain types of motorcycle defects that are more common than others.

The Body and Frame

Though it might not seem likely, some motorcycle accidents can result from a structural fault in a bike’s basic construction. A small crack, seam, or rusted spot on a motorcycle’s frame could cause it to come apart in transit.


Like any motor vehicle, a motorcycle without perfectly functioning brakes is almost guaranteed to cause or be involved in an accident at some point. When worn out brake pads or a complete brake system failure take away a rider’s ability to stop, the outcome can be life-threatening.

Engine and Fuel Lines

A sudden loss of engine power could easily spell disaster for an unsuspecting rider. That goes double for engine problems stemming from damaged or faulty fuel tanks, since this type of defect can lead to a dangerous explosion or fire.

Wheels and Handlebars

Whether it stems from a lack of traction, loss of tire pressure, a bent axle, or any other component failure, a motorcyclist who cannot steer his or her vehicle is almost certain to get involved in a serious crash.

Minimizing the Risk of Accidents in Newport News Caused by Defects

Wearing the right safety equipment can go a long way toward preventing serious injuries in motorcycle accidents. Still, when it comes to accidents in Newport News caused by motorcycle defects, the best preventative strategy is to regularly check the condition of every key component, ideally with assistance from a qualified mechanic.

In addition, motorcycle riders should stay up-to-date on all relevant recall announcements made by both their motorcycle’s manufacturer and the manufacturers of their vehicle’s components. Companies that issue recalls often replace faulty components at no charge, but if a person continues to ride a recalled motorcycle and gets into an accident, it may be tricky to establish liability on the manufacturer’s part.

Filing Suit over a Motorcycle Defect in Newport News

If a faulty mechanical part on your motorcycle caused an accident that left you injured, you may have strong grounds to obtain civil compensation. Manufacturers owe a duty of care to customers who purchase their products. A qualified accident attorney in Newport News could help you seek fair compensation from a negligent manufacturer or mechanic for all your injuries and losses when they fail in this duty.

However, filing suit over motorcycle defects in Newport News is far from a simple task, so you should always speak with legal counsel first about what may be possible in your situation. Call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Newport News Motorcycle Defects
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
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Newport News Motorcycle Defects Newport News Motorcycle Defects