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Newport News Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

A key to pharmaceutical companies’ profitability is to introduce new drugs to the market regularly. Unfortunately, in a rush to turn a profit, a pharmaceutical company could cut corners. When this happens, a medication can be dangerous and a mass tort or class action suit may arise. If you were hurt due to a dangerous drug, a skilled Virginia injury attorney could help hold a reckless pharmaceutical company accountable by filing an injury lawsuit or claim.

If you suffered a significant injury due to a dangerous or defective drug, you deserve compensation. However, taking on a pharmaceutical company is a large undertaking. A Newport News dangerous drug lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could provide the help you need.

Types of Dangerous Drugs

There are three ways a drug can become dangerous leading to a potential claim. Defective drug claims can be categorized based on the type of breach of warranty. A Newport News dangerous drug attorney could work to identify the nature of a drug defect before filing suit. The categories include:

  • Defective manufacturing claims
  • Failure to warn of major side effects
  • Misleading marketing

Defective Manufacturing

A defective manufacturing claim involves an error that occurs at any point in the manufacturing process before the product reaches a consumer. Bad manufacturing cases are typically where the medicine is made with foreign or unintended materials in the mix.

Failure to Warn of Major Side Effects

While side effects are common with prescription medication, it is the duty of a manufacturer or testing lab to identify significant contra-indications or issues before the drug’s release to the public. However, some dangerous defects causing other medical problems are not disclosed in a timely way. They can include defects that impact everyone or only harm a specific subset of consumers.

Misleading Marketing

The marketing of a drug involves the instructions or printed warnings that accompany a drug. You might have a viable injury claim if the label fails to warn of a dangerous side effect or does not clearly explain how to use the medication properly. Sometimes, the drug company hides information that you and your doctor would have wanted to know.

Responsible Parties in Newport News, VA Mass Torts Cases

The dangerous drugs cases that receive the most media attention typically focus on the role the pharmaceutical company played. While the manufacturer is frequently at fault for a dangerous drug, it is worth noting that there are a variety of entities that could face liability in a dangerous drug lawsuit. It is the role of a Newport News defective drugs attorney to help identify prospective defendants involved in your case.

Pharmaceutical Companies

For the most part, drug companies are the primary culprit in dangerous drug lawsuits. These corporations are ultimately responsible for the design, manufacture, and distribution of a drug. If the dangerous defect occurs at any point while the manufacturer is in control of it, they could face liability for any injuries the drug causes.

Testing Laboratories

Drug manufacturers often rely on outside labs to test and review their drugs before they hit the open market. The purpose of this testing is to identify any potential defects or unexpected side effects. A lab that fails to catch a defect in a drug could be on the hook for any damages the drug causes.

Speak with a Newport News Dangerous Drug Attorney

Every consumer deserves to obtain and use the medication they are prescribed without the fear of injury. When these injuries occur, the potential impact can be devastating.

With the help of a Newport News dangerous drug lawyer, you could hold the person or entity responsible for a dangerous drug that caused you or your family harm. Contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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Newport News Dangerous Drugs Lawyer Newport News Dangerous Drugs Lawyer