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Hampton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

There are few types of personal injuries more devastating than damage to your spinal cord, especially one that occurs closer to the neck. Depending on where you are hurt and how bad the damage is, an accident that impacts your spinal cord may leave you paralyzed and dependent on external support for the rest of your natural life.

Fortunately, you have the right to hire a Hampton personal injury attorney and pursue civil compensation from anyone whose negligence causes you to suffer this kind of injury. A Hampton spinal cord injury lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can help you through this complex legal process and allow you to focus on your physical recovery.

The Impact that Spinal Cord Damage Can Have

The spinal cord acts as the main communication pathway between the brain and the rest of the body, while the vertebrae allow the spine to bend while also protecting the cord from external harm.

Unfortunately, the spinal cord is not capable of mending itself like other parts of the body, so if a severe enough impact causes this part of the body to bruise, tear, or sever completely, the damage done is often permanent. Injuries to the lower part of the spinal cord may result in paraplegia, or paralysis below the waist, while injuries higher up on the spine may cause quadriplegia, which is paralysis from the neck down.

Individuals who suffer complete spinal cord injuries typically result in a permanent loss of motor and sensory function, forcing them to seek expensive medical treatment and in-home assistance. Whether someone suffers an incomplete or complete spinal cord injury, a qualified lawyer in the area can help them consider their legal options and effectively pursue civil recovery.

Maximizing Civil Recovery after a Spine Injury in Hampton

Since many of these injuries are permanent, civil claims for compensation based on this kind of damage need to have a long-term view. It is not enough to recover only for losses that have already occurred because a spinal cord injury may affect someone for as long as they live. Therefore, any civil recovery they seek needs to account for damages they will suffer in the future.

Long-term economic damages a local attorney can pursue in a spinal cord injury case may include permanent loss of earning capacity, expenses for rehabilitative care, and the costs of any home modification and/or live-in nursing assistance. An individual also may be able to seek non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other impacts of a permanent disability.

Get in Touch with a Hampton Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

If you recently suffered permanent damage to your spinal cord, taking legal action might understandably be low on your list of priorities compared to stabilizing your medical condition. However, once you are ready to do so, filing a civil lawsuit against the negligent party who caused your injury could be a crucial part of your future financial, personal, and professional plans.

Assistance from legal counsel can go a long way toward increasing your odds of resolving your case effectively and efficiently. To find out more about what a Hampton spinal cord injury lawyer can do to help you, schedule a free case consultation today.

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