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Hampton Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus accidents can lead to devastating injuries for everyone involved. Because of the lack of seatbelts and the fact that many people must stand, bus passengers are vulnerable in a collision, as are drivers in small cars that are struck by a large commercial bus. Cyclists and pedestrians face even greater risks from a bus crash given their lack of protection. A Hampton bus accident lawyer could help you hold a negligent bus driver accountable by filing an injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Given their enormous size and the high rate of speed they frequently travel at, a bus crash can lead to devastating injuries. To discuss your rights following a collision, reach out to Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to speak with our dedicated injury attorneys.

Potential Defendants in a Bus Accident Lawsuit

Depending on the type of bus crash, there are many parties that could end up being held liable. One of the first jobs of a Hampton bus accident attorney is to review a claim and identify all possible defendants. In some cases, the negligence of multiple parties may combine to cause a crash. In those cases, an injury victim has the right to bring an insurance claim or a lawsuit against all responsible parties. An experienced Hampton, VA injury lawyer will be able to sort through what claims to make and against whom.

Bus Operators

The most common defendant in a bus crash is the bus driver. Some potential causes may include failing to yield to oncoming traffic, fatigue, or even intoxication.

Bus Companies

The bus company is another frequent party in a bus crash lawsuit. HRT (Hampton Roads Regional Transit) is the main public bus entity and is frequently the defendant. In a Hampton bus accident lawsuit, you may sue the bus owner if the negligent bus driver was operating the vehicle within the scope of their employment. In these cases, a bus owner could be on the hook for damages without any negligence on their part.

There are other situations where a bus company’s negligence can result in liability on their part. If the owner or management is negligent in hiring a bus driver or fails to maintain the condition of a bus properly, they could face liability for any injuries their negligent decisions cause.


Some crashes are due to a failure in making of the bus or one of its parts. You are entitled to pursue a claim for damages against the maker of the bus or its parts if their faulty manufacturing or design led to the crash.

Deadline to File a Hampton Lawsuit

When a Hampton bus accident attorney prepares to file a lawsuit, they must be careful to meet all mandatory deadlines. One important deadline is known as the statute of limitations. This statute requires plaintiffs to file lawsuits within a set time frame or risk having the court dismiss their claim for good.

In a Hampton bus accident, the statute of limitations expires two years from the date of the crash. Therefore, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible so they can make sure your claim is filed as soon as possible.

Contact a Hampton Bus Accident Attorney Right Away

A skilled Hampton bus accident attorney can review your case and help you weigh the costs and benefits of filing a lawsuit or insurance claim. We can then file a suit on your behalf and handle the legal process while you focus on your recovery. Call us today for a free consultation.

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