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Discover the 5 Dirty Tricks Used by Car Insurance Companies

In this FREE report, we reveal five sneaky tactics insurance companies use to prevent you from getting what you deserve after an accident.

The truth is that you’re not going to be treated (or paid) fairly by the car insurance company after your accident. We know this after negotiating and fighting with dozens of insurance companies on thousands of injury cases like yours. We want to save you time and disappointment by sharing these tricks with you upfront. Using a real case study and real emails from a real insurance company, we want to show you the truth about how injury claims like yours are typically handled.

Whether you’re handling your case on your own or considering hiring an attorney, you should download this free, 8-page report right now and know what to expect. Chances are, the insurance company is already using at least one of these five tactics against you.

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In This Report, We Reveal What the Insurance Companies DON’T Want You to Know:

  • How they take advantage of your health insurance to shave thousands of dollars (or more) off your settlement (Page 2).
  • What they don’t tell you could happen after your settlement that could cut your check in half (Page 4).
  • Why you should prepare for a harder fight when you’re battling your own insurance company (Page 7).
  • And how they convince you that they’re the “good guys,” only to pull the rug out from under you when it’s time to pay up (Page 6 & 7).

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After getting hit by a car, our client attempted to handle his injury case on his own-until he received these emails from the insurance company. We secured a settlement more than 2.5x his original offer. Access the report now to discover the dirty tricks we caught in these emails.

The bottom line is that the car insurance companies don’t want you to have this information.

They don’t want you to know your rights.

They don’t want you to know what happens after you settle your case.

And they certainly don’t want you to see these dirty tricks for what they are.

But we do. If you’ve been injured in an accident and are considering hiring an injury lawyer (or planning to settle your claim on your own), you need to be aware of these tricks as soon as possible by downloading the report.

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