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How is medical malpractice legally defined?

In short, medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider fails to meet their duty to a patient and an injury results. This can include any medi...

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What are some examples of medical malpractice?

There are a number of types of medical malpractice. Some examples would include: Failure to diagnose a condition Emergency room errors Surgical errors...

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How is negligence in a medical malpractice lawsuit determined?

To prove medical malpractice, one of our Norfolk, Virginia lawyers will need to establish three points: Your healthcare provider failed in their duty ...

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Do I have a medical malpractice claim?

The best way to determine if you have a valid medical malpractice claim is through a case evaluation with John Cooper or Jim Hurley. We will discuss t...

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Why hire an attorney for a medical malpractice lawsuit?

The medical industry is powerful. With the help of shrewd insurance companies and lawyers, a large number of medical malpractice cases are dismissed b...

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