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VA Eastern Shore Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Many individuals have suffered devastating, long-lasting effects after consuming dangerous drugs. Many times, the harmful outcomes associated with consumption of these dangerous medications could have been avoided if the manufacturer followed its legal duty of care. If you sustained injuries caused by a defective medication, a VA Eastern Shore dangerous drugs lawyer can answer your legal questions. A personal injury attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyer can advise whether you may have a plausible case for compensation and help you seek justice against a negligent pharmaceutical company.

Requirements to File a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit

To file a lawsuit against the drug company or other liable entity for losses caused by a defective drug, the claimant must be able to meet a few requirements. One of these requirements is to get the case filed within the statute of limitations.

Code of Virginia §8.01-243 establishes the general statute of limitations for injury claims filed with Virginia courts as two years from the date of injury. The court may extend this deadline in certain cases, such as when the claimant does not discover their damages immediately upon taking the drug. A VA Eastern Shore lawyer can advise a claimant of the deadline for a particular dangerous drugs claim.

Legal Grounds to File a Dangerous Drug Claim on the Eastern Shore

Another critical requirement to file these types of claims is to show that at least one party is liable for the claimant’s damages. A few different legal doctrines may support a claim for damages when a dangerous drug causes someone to suffer damages.

One such legal doctrine is the theory of negligence. Under this doctrine, if a drug company fails to uphold its legal obligation to ensure its products are adequately safe for consumers, it may be liable if a consumer suffers health issues after taking one of the medications.

There are several circumstances in which a drug can be dangerous for consumer use. One of the most common instances of a hazardous drug is when an error occurs during the manufacturing process, such as a batch of products being exposed to a particular substance that negatively interacts with the components of the drug.

A drug may also be considered dangerous if the pharmaceutical company fails to put sufficient warning labels on the packaging, so that consumers are fully aware of the potential risks associated with taking the medication. Sometimes, the drug itself has inherent design flaws that make it harmful for consumption. A local attorney can determine which legal strategies may work best for a particular defective drugs claim.

Consequences of Taking an Unsafe Medication

The losses someone suffers after taking a defective medication are often specific to the consumer. These claims may pertain to a variety of medications, including blood thinners, contraceptives, antidepressants, opiates, and other common drugs. A defective drug may result in serious health complications, including organ damage, internal bleeding, organ failure, clotting, and cardiovascular disorders. Harmful drugs have also been associated with an increased risk for certain types of cancers and even death.

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