Virginia Personal Injury Referrals and Co-Counsel Relationships

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers focuses their firm on tractor trailer, wrongful death, premises liability, railroad worker and other serious injury cases, and we welcome referral and co-counsel relationships with out-of-state and other Virginia firms. A substantial part of our practice is comprised of attorney-referred cases, including many repeat relationships.

All cases are different and unique and we cannot guarantee the result of a given case, but we recently, through co-counsel relationships, secured a $2.86 million recovery for a seriously injured client.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Fee Share and Carries All Litigation Costs for Attorney Referrals

Below is what we can offer you (and our future clients), making our referral relationships second to none:

Generous referral fees: We appreciate your referrals, and our fee sharing reflects it.

No litigation costs: We carry all litigation costs, and ask for no contribution from our referral sources. Recently, we’ve advanced costs of over $100,000, over $65,000, and over $40,000 on injury and wrongful death cases. It’s necessary, and you and our mutual client benefit from the investment.

Maximized value: Million dollar cases don’t just walk into your office – only cases with million dollar potential. Insurance carriers will not put top value on a case until a firm demonstrates that it is financially invested and all-in. Recently, we advanced over $100,000 in litigation costs on a single trucking case. The carrier noticed, and the offer reflected it. ­

Speedy conclusion: Delay is the enemy of our wronged clients. There is no reason to wait. We’ve found the best approach for catastrophic injury cases is to file suit immediately, get a trial date as quickly as possible, and press the case as hard as we can. We once concluded a case of contested liability for $5,000,000 in merely 15 months.

Customer service: High-end cases require top level effort and attention. You will only get positive feedback from clients you refer to us. We are grateful for your referrals, and remain dedicated to you and our clients.

Track record : We are experienced and skilled, and our case results prove it, but don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video about Virginia immigration attorney Radlyn Mendoza’s experience after referring a case to Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. The case resulted in a substantial recovery for our catastrophically injured client:

While we cannot guarantee results, we promise our dedication and hard work.  We value your referrals and it means a lot to us that you trust us with your serious injury and wrongful death cases.  You and our clients will not be disappointed.  We look forward to working with you.