Chesapeake Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury can be one of the most devastating and disabling injuries a person can suffer. These injuries may happen due to a wide range of circumstances, from terrible accidents to reckless behavior. If you have sustained damage to your spine as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should talk with a Chesapeake spinal cord injury lawyer.

When a catastrophic loss like a spinal cord injury is caused by someone’s recklessness, the injured party may file a civil lawsuit to recover compensatory damages. A catastrophic injury attorney at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can evaluate the incident that caused your injury to determine whether you may be entitled to damages from the at-fault party.

Statutory Deadline to File a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit in Chesapeake

The statute of limitations is the final deadline by which an injured party must file a claim for compensation. If a person misses this deadline, they may forever lose their chance to recover compensation. Virginia Code §8.01-243 states that the statute of limitations to file an injury claim in Virginia is two years. The two-year window to file a civil lawsuit begins on the date of the claimant’s injury. A Chesapeake lawyer can help someone who sustained a spinal cord injury file their claim before this deadline.

Outcomes of Spinal Cord Injuries

In some situations, the result of a spinal cord injury may only be temporary. However, other spinal injuries may involve permanent disability. A spinal cord injury can impair certain bodily functions and, in some cases, render the individual wholly or partially paralyzed. The severity of a spine injury depends on numerous factors. The primary factors are whether the injury is complete or incomplete, and the region of the spine that sustains the damage.

A person with a complete spinal cord injury may be unable to feel or use the body below the point of injury on the spinal column. Alternatively, with an incomplete injury, the individual may feel or even control the parts of the body below the injured spinal region.

The spine is divided into four primary sections, the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine. If someone sustains an injury to a vertebra in the cervical spine, for example, they may sustain quadriplegia. This is when all extremities and the trunk suffer complete paralysis. In some cases, a cervical spinal injury can be fatal. Common symptoms of a cervical spinal injury include difficulty breathing, the inability to control urination or bowel movements, and speech impairment. In contrast damage to the thoracic spine may result in paralysis from the waist down, a condition known as paraplegia.

Collecting Compensatory Damages

A Chesapeake attorney can help someone pursue compensatory damages from the person or entity responsible for their spinal cord injury. The injured individual could recover both economic and noneconomic losses, and in some cases, punitive damages as well.

Noneconomic damages refer to the noncalculable losses experienced by someone due to their injury, such as pain, suffering, loss of life enjoyment, disability, and mental distress. Economic damages have a specific monetary value and include an individual’s medical bills and lost income due to their injury.

Courts do not award punitive damages in all claims. However, the court may consider punitive damages appropriate when someone’s reckless, wanton, or malicious behavior caused the claimant’s spinal cord injury. For instance, if a drunk driver hit the claimant and caused a spinal injury, punitive damages may be available.

Speak with a Chesapeake Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

You should speak with a Chesapeake spinal cord injury lawyer if you believe you have a valid claim for damages. Our attorneys can help you hold the negligent party responsible and work hard to get you fair compensation. Schedule your free case consultation today to learn more about how our firm can help you.

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