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Electric Scooter Accidents in Chesapeake

Especially given the recent increase of electric scooter rentals in Virginia and other states, electric scooter accidents have unfortunately been on the rise in the last couple years. Accordingly, more and more people have sought to file suit over injuries sustained in these crashes, which can be a complicated process.

Therefore, retaining a qualified attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers should be your first priority before trying to pursue litigation for a scooter accident in Chesapeake. Professional legal counsel could help you understand all applicable state laws and work hard to help your case proceed as smoothly as possible.

Are Electric Scooter Accidents Legally Different from Other Accidents?

For the most part, electric scooters are not treated differently under state law than any other motorized vehicles. Scooter riders have to follow all the same traffic rules as drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. Recently, though, state lawmakers added a few new restrictions specifically pertaining to scooters and their operation.

For example, scooters are not allowed to exceed a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour or a maximum weight of 100 pounds, and they cannot be operated by anyone under 14 years old. An attorney could clarify in further detail what state regulations, if any, might impact civil recovery in a claim based on a scooter accident in Chesapeake.

Pursuing Fair Compensation While Avoiding Fault in Chesapeake

The process of pursuing compensation for a scooter accident varies depending on the cause of the crash in question. If someone on a scooter is following all applicable state laws but gets hit by another motorist, she would be able to pursue compensation just as an injured bicyclist or pedestrian would. Provided they can prove legal negligence by the defendant driver, an injured party could seek damages for medical expenses, lost work wages, and pain and suffering.

However, Virginia is relatively unique among other states by adhering to a pure contributory negligence system. Under this legal doctrine, a claimant found to bear any degree of fault for their accident is barred from civil recovery. This can be problematic in a Chesapeake electric scooter crash case since the laws regarding operation of these scooters are often not fully understood.

Additionally, if a scooter rider gets hurt due to a defect in the scooter itself, they may have trouble filing suit against the company that manufactured and/or rented it to her. A knowledgeable lawyer could help determine whether litigation is possible in this kind of situation.

Call a Chesapeake Attorney When Dealing with an Electric Scooter Accident Case

While they move much more slowly than motorcycles, electric scooters still require some skill to operate and can cause immense harm in the event of a crash. If you were hurt while riding a scooter due to someone else’s negligent behavior, you might be able to seek compensation from that negligent party through either a private settlement or a lawsuit in civil court.

In either scenario, assistance from a skilled legal representative from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could prove essential to achieving a favorable outcome following an electric scooter accident in Chesapeake. Call today to discuss the possibilities of your case.

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Electric Scooter Accidents in Chesapeake
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
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Electric Scooter Accidents in Chesapeake Electric Scooter Accidents in Chesapeake